5 Tips To Lose Weight

being able to lose weight is not so complicated, I will provide you the following 5 golden rules

You can see everywhere these revolutionary diet offers able to make you lose weight instantly. Quite often, these diets do not really deliver the desired results. And for a good reason. To lose weight, there is no real mystery. Just find a balance and follow these five golden rules.

1 – Math is always right!

To lose weight, you have to keep a very simple balance: you will have to burn more calories than you consume. However, to want to follow this rule daily, you can lose more motivation than weight. The solution? See this as a weekly equation. Give yourself in the week, a “fun day” where you can eat whatever you want. But, on the other hand, you will need a “low calorie” day to compensate.

Similarly, if exercise is essential, the wrong strategy would be to give everything the first few days to run out, demotivate, or hurt themselves. No, the right plan is to prepare a program over several weeks and try to stick to it.

2 – Eat real food

It’s obvious, “real food” rather than chemical dishes or powders, contain the essential nutrients your body needs. Include vegetables and fruits, rather than juices or sweets. Returning to the base will allow you to regain balance.

3 – Fill up with energy

Eating slow sugars (like those included in pasta) helps keep your blood sugar at a relatively stable level. Changes in blood glucose are one of the factors that cause hunger. Eating protein goes, on the other hand, helping you feel full without eating too much. Prefer foods containing 20 to 30 grams of protein and fiber for a better balance of food.

4 – Avoid the yoyo

Lose 20 kg of a sudden and very easily; this is often what you offer diets on the Internet. But, these regimes give the worst results! Indeed, losing weight as quickly, you do not find balance, and you risk to resume once the diet is over. To know if you are on the right track, ask yourself this question: ”  Could I eat like this forever?  If the answer is ”  no,” it means you are not doing things right.

5 – Plan Your Diet

Rather than running to the distributor as soon as your belly cries famine, why not plan your breaks, lunches and your diet in general. Shop accordingly at weekends, and spot suitable restaurants near your birch for lunch on weekdays. In this way, you can control your diet better.

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