Are you a problem for others at the gym? You think not?

You may be wrong, because you do not really realize it . It’s probably yes, if you do any of these seven things from the list below. As with any activity, there are rules to respect and it is above all respect, politeness and good manners .

in the gym

1) Never store your equipment

Leaving the loaded bars to the max for the next one that will arrive behind you is very unpleasant, as it will have to unload all your weights, such as letting them drag on the ground, at the risk of hindering someone or tripping him. Similarly, do not unload a bar before making sure that someone is not working on it or moving weight equipment, benches or dumbbells without verifying that the space is free. The whole thing is to put things back in their place or as is, after use.

2) Show off your sweat

Do not use deo or come without showering is unwelcome. Even if you know you will sweat in the morning, others are not obliged to endure your body odor. Similarly, if you put on an outfit of the previous day in which you have already trained, you will surely release an unpleasant smell, without even realizing it, because one tolerates quite well its own odor. When in doubt, shower before the sport (and also after!) And use clean clothes for your session. If you use a machine, do not forget to spread a towel large enough, (clean also), so that your sweat leaves no trace on the benches, or wipe carefully after your passage.

3) Blocking the vision in the mirror

Some have the chic to put yourself in front of you during your training, when you face the mirror in the gym, to monitor your posture when performing the exercise. Now the last thing that wants to see someone who is training is your head facing his, grimacing or blowing loudly. The principle of the gym is to respect certain distances and to face the mirror side by side, observing the work of the muscles, not in front of the mirror, obstructing the view. If you put yourself just behind someone to train you, the vision can be strange also like a monster with two heads or several arms … and be very destabilizing.

4) You train in the passage

Do not stick just in front of the dumbbell rack to perform your movements, impeding the passage of those who want to access them, or just in front of a machine that requires a great amplitude of movement, it is a matter of respect for others . There is enough room to train a little further. Do not take a pile of accessories that you will not use by sowing them behind you like the little thumb, by monopolizing them, to the detriment of those who would really need it to train.

5) Talk to others without stopping

Do not help a woman who does not ask you. If she does not ask you, it’s because she does not need it or simply fears your hefty dredge. Do not give advice either, if you are not asked, even if you know that the movement is wrong. Wait until you are asked the question to help. Above all, do not try to talk to someone who is training with a headset or headphones, his will is to stay focused. If you are half naked in the locker room, it is not the time to approach strangers, even to give them good advice, they will certainly not listen to you and will look away … And we understand them!

6) Do dangerous exercises next to others

It is a question of respect. but above all of safety, if you handle heavy weights or make large movements or dangerous exercises, stay away from others or put yourself in a remote corner. Conversely, if you see someone performing difficult exercises with heavy loads, do not pass close to them at the risk of de concentrating it and causing it to miss its movement or worse injury. Take a wide detour.

7) Keep your back belt or your knee bands

These accessories are reserved for heavy exercises and precise postures, if you keep them for strolling through the gym, you will not look like a pro as you think, you will just look ridiculous. Normally these accessories must be adjusted and tightened to the maxi to perform the movement and then defeats. Doing all your sitting with a back belt prevents you from breathing properly and moving with knee bands makes you crab and cut the circulation. Remove them once the movements with heavy loads have been completed.