The benefits of cider vinegar

You have surely heard of this “miracle method” to lose weight: cider vinegar! We will look into the benefits of vinegar and see whether or not it can help you slim down. In all cases, the many benefits of vinegar make it a gold mine for all athletes.


What is cider vinegar?


It is simply an apple cider that has fermented. Exposed to air and under the action of bacteria and yeasts, the drink ferments.


The cider vinegar is obtained thanks to the double acetic fermentation of the apple. In a first step, the sugars are fermented by adding yeast to the crushed apples. In a second phase, bacteria are added, which will ferment the alcohol and transform it into acetic acid, the main active compound of vinegar.


The benefits of cider vinegar


Fermented foods all have a probiotic action: they regenerate the intestinal flora and maintain balance. This is how they stimulate the immune system.


Among the benefits of cider vinegar in itself, one can start with the fact that it has an action to regulate the acid-base system: it tends to basify the body. The benefits of vinegar also promote the elimination of toxins and acid products.


Cider vinegar also helps regulate blood sugar levels (a spoonful of vinegar before a high carb meal will help regulate the sugar level).
Its richness in vitamins and minerals confers many benefits to vinegar; it has a remineralizing action.


The benefits of cider vinegar make it possible to fight infections and inflammations since it is a powerful antioxidant. When considering the benefits of vinegar, it should not be forgotten that it relieves a sore throat, promotes the elimination of excess subcutaneous water and helps to fight night cramps (thanks to the minerals it contains).
In external use, the benefits of vinegar will allow you to take care of your skin (against acne, eczema, … it can also be used as a tonic).


How to use cider vinegar?



cider vinegar

To enjoy the benefits of this vinegar, you can consume it in a cure (for example, changes of season) and prepare your bottle of water with two spoonfuls of vinegar.


Do not hesitate to add to your dishes. For a virtually zero caloric intake, it will bring a little bit sweet to your meals.
So You can also find it in capsules, in pharmacies or natural food stores.


The cider vinegar to slim down?

cider vinegar



Apple vinegar is rich in pectins and enzymes. It helps digestion and assimilation and thanks to its pectin content, and it can slightly cut the hunger.

It can prevent storage: the combination of acids, acetic acid, and enzymes stimulates metabolism, cider vinegar slows the absorption of sugar and promotes elimination.


Thus, combined with regular physical activity and proper nutrition, the benefits of cider vinegar can contribute to your weight loss.