Building muscle mistakes that block the progression

The building muscle is the result of two factors.

The effective exercise such as weight training that will stimulate your muscles and force them to grow and a suitable diet essential for your muscles develop.

Many people practice weight training to build muscle without applying some basic rules.

This may be your case, and suddenly your building muscle is weak or non-existent and the athletic body you always dream to have is far from taking shape.

To activate building muscle is not very complicated, but as in any field must dwell on what works and putting away the superfluous.

To promote and continually increase my muscle building, I used simple techniques but based on the principles of operation and evolution of the human body.

I research the effectiveness and above all to save time on my workouts using a highly effective fitness techniques.

In this report, I will present the top 3 mistakes that hampered my progress and teach you techniques to accelerate your progress in building muscle.

Error No. 1: Do not train each muscle group enough for building muscle

Building muscle follows the same rules as the rest.

More will practice your muscles, the more they will develop.

To quickly move to the guitar you have to train every day, to learn to juggle a soccer ball is the same, to become stronger mentally we must constantly work on yourself.

This is exactly the same with building muscle, unlike ready your muscles need rest to grow.

After your bodybuilding workouts your muscles into a reconstruction and development cycle for around two days.

After two days your muscles are ready for a new boost to further development.

Because of the old mentality of bodybuilding, most bodybuilding practitioners believe that we must work a different muscle group each day.

The clubbing different angles with a very high number of repetitions.

This type of training requires a long rest time for the muscles and nervous system recover.

This is why these programs encourage to work for your muscle groups once per week.

For experienced bodybuilders, it may be effective because they already have a large muscle development thrust by anabolic steroids.

However, for someone who wants to have good muscle building naturally, it is important to work his muscles several times a week.

The key is to tire your muscles with weight training movements and appropriate to allow time for your muscles to grow.

For that, you can either do weight training workouts in full body or separate your sessions between the upper and lower body.

Eg full body you can do your weight training on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

If you want to separate your bodybuilding workouts, you can train your upper body on Monday’s and Thursday’s and lower body on Tuesday and Friday.

Error No. 2: Do not use the right building muscle exercises

If you want to accelerate your muscle building you need to use compound exercises that solicit multiple muscle groups, view complete muscle chains.

You absolutely must incorporate into your training program such as the squat, the deadlift, push-ups, developed.

If you ignore these exercises, your muscle building will remain low.

Do not waste your time and money to acquire the latest silver bullet to win 10 kilos of muscle in 4 weeks.

Forget the machines, complicated exercises, and many isolation exercises.

Use free weights like dumbbells and bars or doing exercises based on your natural movements, pushing, pulling, squatting, jumping, simultaneously recruit a possible muscle.

These exercises help build muscle as also thanks to the activation of natural anabolic hormones such as testosterone and promotes fat loss through the afterburn effect.

The weight without material l is also very useful for building muscle.

Pumps and all variants allow muscles pectorals, triceps and work sheathing.

The heavy body weight can be enough to build muscle in your legs.
Adopt these exercises for the next six months, and I guarantee that your muscle building will rapidly progress.

Some exercises are perhaps too hard technically or physically.

Put your ego aside and start with light weight and possibly with the help of a partner.

Soon you will feel at ease and gradually will increase the weight and building muscle.

Error No. 3: Do not use progressive overload for consistent muscle building

using the same weight in every workout is, one of the most common misconceptions .it’s a mistake to build muscle while using the same weight workout after workout.

One of the most critical factors for muscle building is progressive overload.

If you want to become more muscular, stronger and more powerful, you must increase the weight or number of repetitions you raise week after week.

Forget magazine programs or certain specialized sites that offer to make bodybuilding workouts in the form of pyramids; monsters sets, forced reps, slow speed or another system supposedly better.

Get a program for building muscle with the exercises presented above.

Working in a range of 5 to 9 repetitions with 2-3 sets per exercise.

Make your move as quickly as possible to recruit your muscle fibers s rapids that are stronger and larger.

Progress session after session on your exercise until reach nine reps and increase the weight of 5 to 10%.

Do not constantly change your exercise.

Use the same exercises and possibly some variations for at least three months to promote your muscle building.