Building Muscle Ten Useful Tips

Ten useful tips for building muscle nutrition and building muscle is not rocket science, . every day to eat a good healthy meals to get the results you want. Nutrition is often ignored by some trainers, but in fact if good diet is a crucial role for  you will to get the desired results of the training. So this is  ten tips you should follow for building muscle and gain weight and these tips are:

Building muscle


1. eating six small meals at least daily.

Eating as many meals in a day will increases the construction process in the body, and gives you a continuing activity and energy, and reduces the likelihood of food being stored as fat. You must reconsider the 3 meals a day these days are gone, you are supposed to eat what your body and ask not how much can accommodate your stomach.

2. eat both protein and carbohydrates in every meal.

you are not supposed to eat too much, but try in every meal to get 30 grams of protein and  carbohydrates, such as potatoes , bread and rice, the most important and some sources of proteins are: chicken breasts, eggs, tuna and red meat and fish.

3. The use of dietary supplements.

Bodybuilding supplement of the best means of building and nourishing the body, taking supplements in the morning is the best times for it,and before and after exercise, and before bed.

4. Avoid simple carbohydrates.

Simple carbohydrates are sugars found in soft drinks, that sugar spikes insulin, which slow down metabolism resulting storing fat and feeling tired.

5. Stay away from fat and excess salts.

Some fat is necessary healthy diet, we found that olive oil and peanut butter, fish, are sources of healthy fats and at the same time there are bad fats such as animal fats  and vegetable oil  and butter here fast food and beverage drinks were excluded.

6. Charge your energies before exercise.

Then eat a small meal containing the amount of carbohydrates and protein before exercise 30-60 minutes. Complex Carbohydrate give you enough energy to continue in the long and arduous exercise, protein helps the muscles to do their job during the exercise.

7. Post-workout Meal ,

this meal is to feed and support the most important needs of your body.Immediately after the exercise, the muscles are divided and announces its willingness to get food

8. Drink a lot of water.

water is one of the most important nutrients needed by the body in the water, the amount of water you drink determines the quality of the tissue and its performance and its resistance to infection, so then take a sip of water constantly throughout the day make sure you get a larger amount of water during the workout.

9. Stay away from snacks during the diet.

To be and to know that the more snacks you eat is unhealthy whether it contain salt or sugar and other ingredients is normal. If you’re always preparing for tomorrow’s meal, you will find that you eat snacks and always feel satisfied.

10. At the end of the day if you want to gain weight and muscles need to add more calories than your body burns through the day

but be aware of what you eat what is sufficient calories will not grow any muscle so once you feel hungry eat a good meal of carbohydrates and protein and do it well before going to sleep and your body will repair your muscle tissue during sleep.