Cardio OR Weight Lifting?

Losing weight requires first of all to adapt your eating habits. However, to burn fat faster, it is often desirable to also do cardio or weight training. However, which of the two is best for weight loss?


A strong prejudice is that musculation inevitably leads to an extreme growth of muscle mass. It is women who are most suspicious of bodybuilding, believing that it would have unsightly effects. However, this is false. Such muscular growth is achieved only when a well-developed diet program and intensive training are followed. On the contrary, bodybuilding has many advantages, also for women. It is a “secret weapon” for anyone who wants to burn fat. Its benefits are of three types:

– During training, we often burn between 400 and 700 calories.

– We continue to spend calories up to 48-72 hours after training because the muscles are still recovering.

– The development of muscle mass accelerates the metabolism and thus allows to burn more calories!

If you want to know more about the benefits of bodybuilding, we refer you to our article How to muscle quickly? A beginner needs to get into bodybuilding.



Cardio training involves carrying out a long-term physical effort, but of low intensity. It is a training mode suitable for all those who wish to improve their endurance. It can additionally play a role in weight loss.

There are many cardio exercises:

– Treadmills

– Bike

– Rowing machine

– Step

– Swimming

– A fast paced fitness session with a small weight

If you want to use the cardio to burn fat quickly, the key is to accurately control your heart rate. It is important that this is between 55% and 75% of the maximum frequency. If you exceed this value, your body will need energy more quickly and will begin to consume stored glycogen (the body accumulates carbohydrates in the form of glycogen in the muscles and liver).

HOW TO calculate the maximum heart rate is quite simple and is brought out as follows:

220 – the age = and that’s how we calculate the maximum heart rate.

The maximum value for a person of 20 years is therefore 200.

If one takes 55-75% of this number, one gets a heart rate of 110 to 150 per minute during cardio training to optimally burn fat.


Some people want to kill two birds with one stone: to increase their muscle mass while taking as much fat as possible, or to lose weight while maintaining as much muscle as possible. If this is your case, you have a vested interest in combining bodybuilding with cardio.

If you want to train in both ways, you should always do it in the right order:

First the bodybuilding, then the cardio-training.

The reason for this order is simple to understand and is related to the energy expenditure by your body. By doing bodybuilding, your body will be spending its anaerobic energy (without oxygen). This energy expenditure corresponds to the short and intense efforts. Under these circumstances, the organization is seeking its energy reserves.

The advantages:

You can use your glycogen during bodybuilding giving you thoroughly in brief, intense efforts.

When you go to the cardio shutter, your glycogen stores are drained, and you can immediately burn fat.

By reversing this order, you will realize during your bodybuilding exercises that your energy reserves are drained and that you are no longer truly able to lift heavy weights.