What to choose: Free Weights or Machines guided?

The choice of machines and dumbbells frequently returns when it comes to transforming her figure. Given the proliferation of low-cost fitness rooms, one is entitled to think that guided machines remain a panacea when wishing to regain control.
Nevertheless, in the medium term, we see that they have a limiting factor, especially about the progress. There is no bugbear between guided machines and free weights, and it is only to make an informed choice based on its experience and its objectives.

free weights

Guided machines only for beginners?

For ten years, low-cost fitness rooms are mushrooming.
Today, certainly, they are much more numerous in our territory as “traditional” weight rooms.

  • This is not a coincidence and responds to strong demand from the population. Take care of his body has become a challenge, an obsession.
    Individuals enrolled in fitness room looking for a consistent time and amplitude of the material easy to use.
  •  A decision in early and safe hands: One advantage to guided machines is its quick start, especially for beginners. You sit on a guided machine for chest, and you just have to push on the wrists in a single plane of space. Ultimately, only the seat height adjustment pose a concern. This linear motion so strongly limits the risk of injury. Surely you are not immune from tendinitis for example, but more serious injuries will be avoided.
  • Save time: You arrive, you install, and you go. Guided machines can change very quickly the workload, and there is no preparation. Once installed on your device, you gradually turn up the charges to warm up, you realize your 4 series, and you move to the next machine. In fact, it is far from the loss of time with dumbbells need to move, load, unload.

Given the advantages, guided machines cater indeed primarily for beginners to take charge.
Nevertheless, it would be a shame to reduce its use to search. Working on a single plane of space, they allow a work interesting finish late in the session for all athletes.

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The free weights: essential to be muscular?

All the “bodybuilder” physical that you can see or rub train with free weights, i.e., bars or dumbbells.
It does not mean that will become as muscular as they use the equipment but there is necessarily a link between physical and free weights.

  • A margin of almost unlimited progress: To transform her figure and gain muscle, one of the basic principles based on “progressive overload.” It is to increase gradually over the training, the difficulty. One can vary the weights but also the rest period, the number of sets or repetitions. With free weights, this increase is almost unlimited in time. You have the possibility of continually forcing your muscles to adapt, unlike guided machines with a maximum load.
  •  A comprehensive work: Training with free weights can work a variety of muscle groups which stabilizers and postural muscles. Take the example of the deadlift where the trapezius, the lats, lower back, hamstrings, quadriceps, or abdominal be highly stressed. This polyarticular comprehensive movement is not possible with a guided machine. This comprehensive work underpins many advantages regarding muscle gain, reinvestment in daily life or the number of calories that will be more important.


Eventually, it depends on your goal and your level of practice.
Beginners or those wishing to keep fit well advised to opt for guided machines. They will allow ease of use and a reduced risk of injury.
If you have a long-term objective, particularly regarding weight loss, to be more efficient in your sport or gain muscle, free weights are the best option.Ils allow progression and interesting building muscle.

However, nothing prevents the use of guided machines late in the session to finish work. Using free weights requiring a minimum of knowledge, do not hesitate to ask the trainer of your room and / or read about the training exercises to quickly achieve your goal.