Do I have to take supplements?

Do I have to take supplements?

Highly consumed in the USA, dietary supplements and nutritional supplements have become more and more successful in France. Frequently asked questions revolve around their effectiveness and job security.
My goal is not to tell you what to take and what works or not, but rather to give you this “critical spirit” that will be useful to guide you in your choices in an environment where everyone says everything and opposite.

Is it doping?

You have probably already seen a guy swallow a protein shaker in the locker room after his weight training. Does he get drunk? Not at all! It feeds just after the effort with dehydrated powdered food to optimize its recovery. It is true that it is not very practical to bring a bowl of chicken and rice to the room!

Do not confuse doping and nutritional supplements. Dietary supplements are not doping products, although they are often mistakenly regarded as doping agents or cheating by the general public. Let’s say it, everything that is in powder or capsule scares and is often assimilated to doping. One can cite the case of creatine which made a great noise in the early 2000s.

In short, do not be afraid to use nutrition supplements and food supplements, but do not stop you from reading the labels and ask for advice.
Also, do not confuse dietary supplements and nutritional supplements. Supplements fight deficiencies (1/10 of the adult population is deficient in vitamin D, 1/5 of iron women), and supplements compensate for sports activity, help to lose or gain weight, relieve pain, Etc.

Do you need supplements?

All the nutrients are in the food you eat. However, some supplements can help you improve your performance, recover faster or make your life easier for their convenience.

It is true that they are not indispensable, but it would be stupid to deprive themselves of advances and discoveries regarding nutrition. However, do not forget that your food choices throughout your life will have far more impact on performance and health than some supplements taken in isolation.

If you eat badly and unbalanced, supplements will not help you to overcome the dietary errors over and over again. They will maximize your results – if they match your needs and are well used – but do not expect incredible effects on your physique or performance, they are not magic products!

Get informed before buying!

Before taking any supplements, ask yourself questions!
Is your diet optimal or is it still possible to improve it? Yes No ? Get help from qualified professionals in these areas, such as nutritionist doctors, sports dieticians, etc. It will easily evaluate your diet and your needs regarding supplementation.

If you decide to take supplements, be sure to ask before buying. Who said this supplement is effective? Are there studies on it? Has it been tested according to a scientific protocol? What are the effects and dosages?
Indeed, some supplements can be bad at high doses, and the excess of one nutrient can have an impact on the assimilation of other nutrients. For example, too much zinc hinders the absorption of copper and calcium.

If you are advised of this or that product, be critical! Is it a trustworthy person? What is the state of his knowledge on the subject (studies, training)? Who benefits from the sale of this supplement, which finances research, which manufactures? Are there large price differences for the same product and why?
In short, find out before you buy! Many internet users come to the bodybuilding forum after buying supplements to ask what they are used for and how to use them! Search the Internet for different opinions on the issue. Ask for the advice of competent professionals, doctors nutritionists, dieticians, pharmacists or researchers, not only sellers of supplements.