Because we are under pressure from all sides, we often eat quickly and without paying much attention to what we ingest. The risk of overweight by eating fast is three times higher. It is scientifically proven that you can lose weight naturally and permanently by eating slower.

In an article in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition, it is clearly shown that eating slowly is healthier and can be related to significant statistical figures regarding weight loss. But we are easily distracted by eating in front of the TV or reading the newspaper, and we often eat walking or standing instead of sitting with others. Formerly, a happy family meal was quite reasonable, but today we are more and more in a hurry, and this happens only on holidays.

The supermarkets encourage us, with meals to warm up in the microwave and salad meals that we can eat quickly while remaining efficient.

Why eat slowly is good for you?

By eating too quickly, your stomach does not have the ability to tell when it’s full, and so you easily develop overweight. Your stomach needs about 20 minutes to determine if it is full. The sensation of satiety comes slowly, and if you eat too fast, you pass this signal.

If you’re eating slower, your digestion will be better, and you will become less hungry sooner. If you eat calmly and chew well, you eat fewer calories. This is attributable to the fact that you realize better that you are eating and that you pay more consideration to what you eat.

Your body will adapt to your nutritional behavior and will accept faster amounts of food, so you will need more to feel you stated. That leads to a vicious circle with dietary behavior.

Chewing often also provides a useful benefit. You will taste more flavors that are released, and that is part of your satiety. By chewing more, you remove more food by eating less, because the enzymes in your mouth already begin the absorption and digestion of a piece of food before you swallow it. This also unloads your stomach and intestines and preserves energy for other things.

Tips for Eating Slower

• Go sit down to eat

Many people eat on the go or stand at the kitchen table. By going quietly to sit, you force yourself to take the time for a meal and eat more slowly.        Eating with a fork and a knife instead of eating on the go also helps eating slower.

• Do one thing at a time

Spending Sunday night with the plate on the table in front of the Sports Journal is a well-established habit, but not good for you. If you watch TV,  read the newspaper or do something else while you eat, you do not realize that you are eating and you do not know how much you eat. Focusing on what you have on the palate and what you eat can help you enjoy a meal with more taste and calm, and it’s better for your digestion.

• Doing unusual things

Eating with chopsticks, or with the left hand if you are right-handed can help you force yourself to eat slower.

• Eat with others

When one eats in the company, automatically you start eating slower, because one is more likely to talk between two bites. The more you talk, the slower you eat, but do not let everything cool down.

• Chew more

As already stated above, chewing well is important so that your enzymes can do their job and get more taste out of your meal. Chewing for 15 to       20 seconds before swallowing a bite is a good principle. For quick eaters, it is also good to watch the composition of the meal. With mashed potatoes or other soft food, you will have less to chew than with fresh vegetables or fruit.

• Avoid extreme hunger

If we are starving, we will want to appease our feeling of hunger, and we will eat too quickly. Practice eating at fixed times and in the right quantities.

• Eat nuts to peel as a snack

If you eat nuts, peanuts or pistachios to peel, you need more time than if you eat them already peeled. A study shows that people thus eat less, and therefore absorb fewer calories.

• Drink a lot of water

Drink plenty of water during and even before the meal will give you more quickly a feeling of satiety. Also, it’s exquisite for you.

• Do not eat When you are tense

If you are very tense, you would do better