Gain Muscle While Getting Shredded Strategies

Gain Muscle While Getting Shredded

Many people find difficulties in maintaining and gain Muscle while getting shredded.


does not come easily because individuals have to strain their body and engage in great exercise so that they get the lid of excess fat in the body.  Some of the reasons that many outlines includes: excess loss of water from the body, improper management of diet and lack of proper exercise. These ideas are connected to personal discipline during the dieting and exercise period.

To overcome

these challenges, there are some strategies that a person can utilize in maintaining muscle growth while a person is getting shredded. These strategies are outlined below and can help a person go on with dieting at peace and without worries about muscle stunted growth.

The First Strategy:

  • Denotes protein intake because energy is required in plenty.

If a person is going slow/low on carbohydrates, then, he/she needs to take more protein so that the body can have enough energy to maintain the anabolic state.


they should not be taken to a great quantity as the excess amount will result to increase in fat levels. The mass of the body should determine the amount of protein to be taken by a person and stands at 1.5 grams of body weight.

The Second Strategy:

  • Goes by the maintenance of Carbohydrates in the body. Carbohydrates are good in maintaining muscle growth.

The reason behind this is that during training or muscle building, the body requires energy.

Metabolic activity helps the body transform carbohydrates into energy during exercises.

Glycogen used in the training session and lost during stretching of the muscle is replaced through the intake of carbohydrates at the right time.

Fast-digesting carbohydrates should be available to somebody undergoing muscle shredding.

At the same time, carbohydrates can be taken in a cycle manner where other cycles take two days each. These cycles include low intake of carbohydrates days for two days and other two days for high consumption of the same.

The Third strategy:

  • Is to watch the fat diet. This means that cutting on the fat abruptly will result in the sluggish growth of muscle. We all know that Testosterone hormone requires fat to perform.

Lastly, a person should continue with exercise and should observe the timetable. This is a clear indication that a person is committed to having a muscular body.  Some of the questions that people have included:

How to balance work and exercise?

Is shredding detrimental to the health status of a person?