How To Gain Muscle Mass Fast While Staying Lean

The weight gain is an expression to say that we will eat more to gain muscle mass. It is true that one trains all the year to gain muscle mass, it is the aim of the musculation. But the notion of mass gain is more like a period of overeating where the goal is to gain maximum weight.

There are three indissociable factors for gaining weight: nutrition, training, and recovery. If one of the 3 factors is not optimal, the gains will be low or non-existent.

In the case of weight gain, nutrition becomes even more important. Indeed, how to gain muscle mass if you do not feed the muscles enough? During this period, it is necessary to accept to lose its muscular definition to be able to gain a lot of muscle even if the fat covers the abdominals. Taking fat-free muscle, “muscle volume”, is quite possible if you are overweight and begin to muscle. But for the most part, you have to go through this phase of eating, eating more than needs and often.

The goal is still to gain weight with as little fat as possible. You will grow but at the same time, your performance needs to improve. The ideal period for mass gain is winter, you can eat and hide its fat under the clothes!

The key points for weight gain!

Here are the important points you need to follow to make your weight gain go at best:

1 – During this period, it will be necessary to favor the compound exercises which will allow great gains in muscular mass and force. Insulation exercises will be limited and exercise such as a squat, raised earth, rowing, and prints, developed and dips can be promoted. They will bring you more muscle gains than finishing exercises.
Indeed, working your biceps with 10 sets of insulation will have little impact on overall muscle mass intake compared to rowing or pulling that will enormously develop your biceps, back, lumbar and shoulders. You should also know that the more muscles you work with,

2 – The duration of the session should be limited and not to exceed an hour and 30 minutes of training, including warm-up. Short and intense training will give more results than long sessions of weak muscle training, with too many unnecessary series that will lead you to muscular catabolism, fatigue of the nervous system to see overtraining.

Gain Muscle Mass

3 – For food, it will be necessary to eat often, every 3 hours! Three traditional meals and three snacks will be recommended. Indeed, this food overload is necessary for the body to react. So you have to eat more often, increase the amounts and swallow more calories that will put your body in good conditions to make muscle.
The supplements are not essential but may help. Note that they should not replace meals but supplement the diet.

4 – A factor often overlooked is recovery. Rest sufficiently for recovery and muscle growth to take place. Allow time for the muscles to recover from the session and sleep as much as your schedule allows.

5 – Another aspect can undermine your weight gain but has nothing to do with the muscle. This is your state of mind. You have to be well in your head to be well in your body. If you are suffering from stress, worry, overwork or depression, this will be very harmful to your weight gain.

How to determine calorie intake?

To begin with, you need to evaluate the number of calories you spend per day to stay the same weight. To do this, use this calculation of calorie requirements. Then, simply adding more calories by eating a little more at each meal or more often.

Take the case of a practitioner of 75Kg who sleeps 8 hours, does a physical work of 8 hours a day and weight training. This gives 3100 kcal to remain at the same weight. If you are trying to gain muscle mass, additional calories will have to be added, ie about 300 to 500 kcal. The total will, therefore, be about 3600 kcal per day to gain weight. Of course, this is only theoretical calculations and nothing is worth the practice.

Controlled gain muscle mass!

For people who make fat easily or athletes who desire it, it will be necessary to grow slowly to avoid the maximum fat intake. One will try to take about 1 kilo per month – especially muscle -, eating 200 to 300 kcal more than the needs. It is advisable to monitor your waist regularly, this is a good indicator of fat intake! If one takes too much waist compared to the rest of the measurements, it will be necessary to reduce the caloric intake and/or increase the cardio.

If you’re thin, it’s often because you do not eat enough. In general, it is recommended to the meager to eat like ten and to eat of food to grow. You still have to have an appetite and think about eating 5 or 6 times a day! But it is sometimes the only solution to finally have results.


The lean ones generally have the chance to eat what they want: sausage, raclette, fries, cakes, pounds of eggs, milk, red meat, whole chopsticks, and this day and night. If you take muscle with this type of force-feeding and your body supports it, that’s all good. In addition, any pounds of fat taken during the mass intake will be easily eliminated, without great efforts or privations, by lowering the caloric intake or by eating normally.
But if you do not support this type of diet, you will have to overfeed without too much excess and with healthier foods. The important thing is to go there gradually and try to eat one more each day.

Gain Muscle Mass

Here are some tips to help you with your diet:

1 – Increase your daily intake gradually. Start by adding a snack to your three meals, a ten hour or a four-hour as children. Snacks are easier to digest than large meals and if you get satiated quickly because of a small volume of the stomach. Do not drink too much while eating to not fill the stomach with water. This is especially true if you have little appetite. Drink well outside meals.

2 – Limit the excess of simple sugars and replace them with complex carbohydrates. At the fat level, limit yourself to about 25% of total caloric intake. We eat a lot but relatively healthy and always according to his abilities. By force, the stomach dilates and you get used to it. Starchy foods are your friends and should be privileged. Eat pasta, bread, rice, and potatoes. Bread is really an interesting food, especially since it does not sick. Do not overlook fruits and vegetables. Even if they bring few calories, they contain fiber, vitamins, and minerals essential for muscle growth.

3 – Do not forget that it is intensive training that will stimulate your appetite till the next day. It is not necessary to drink without training unless you fat, which is not recommended for health.

4 – Supplements like gainers, high in carbohydrates and calories, can be useful and practical for thin who despair of being lean. two shakes of gainers with milk in addition to three good traditional meals are usually enough to trigger a weight gain. But solid food must remain the basis.


To help you establish your menus or meals, see: What to eat for mass gain?