How To Prepare Your Meals

Planning your meals is one of the essential elements of an effective fitness program. Besides the fact that planning your meals can save a little money, it can certainly save you tons of time. Planning your meals in advance requires some degree of organization and strategic time utilizing.


There are several benefits if you are willing to get into it and have balanced meals for a week instead of letting chance decide your meals. I will help you by explaining some important rules and fundamentals for a successful meal preparation!


Before reading more, you should review your current schedule and see when it is best to plan your meals. I like to plan my meals twice a week: Sundays and Wednesdays. However, you can plan your meals balanced for a week on a particular day or cook every other day.


Depending on your schedules and preferences, try to establish a cooking routine and stick to it. Consistency is key! And now divide our preparation of balanced meals for a week in 3 parts, which are important before, during and after!


Before planning your meals




Before you begin to cook avidly chicken and broccoli, let’s explain some important things that you may want to consider first. Your balanced meal preparation for a week will not be successful without the containers to store your food there.


Personally, I prefer to buy a variety of plastic Tupperware containers in different sizes. Some plastic containers are more suitable for whole meals; some are better for snacks or snacks.


Depending on your preference, you should take Tupperware that fit your nutrition plan and the portions of food you will need. You can also use a Lunch Box, and it is perfect for storing meals.


Another essential and very useful item to buy is a box of sandwich bags. They take up almost no space, and this is another great way to store protein powder, vitamins, or snacks like nuts and dried fruits.


I keep a sandwich bag with two doses of protein powder in my backpack almost all the time. He becomes a savior when you realize in the middle of the day that you forgot your lunch on the kitchen counter!


Once you have your essentials, try to figure out how many meals and snacks you will need depending on how much food you need each day, helping you get portions and plan your meals correctly.


The final step in your balanced meal preparation for a week is to make sure that you create a good shopping list to make sure you have all the food you need. This may sound stupid but taking a few minutes before going to the grocery store to note all the important foods you need to buy can save you an extra trip to the grocery store!


Tip: Try to split your shopping list into four sections: protein, carbohydrates, fat and others. You can write your products in specific sections to make sure you get all the macronutrients you need to prepare your balanced meals for a week!


During preparation



Nobody wants to spend countless hours in the kitchen. One of the primary things to do when one wants to plan his meals is to separate the foods according to how long they take to it needs to be cooked and weigh the appropriate portions.


It is worth investing in a balanced diet as it helps to control your balanced meal portions for a week precisely.
If you are going to cook potatoes or use foods like beans that require soaking, plan this in advance and make sure you take care of these foods before cooking your meats and vegetables.


Once you separate your foods that require more time to cook, it’s time to move on to the main part. You’ve done the basic separation, and now it is time to cook!


I usually start by preparing food for breakfast. If you like smoothies for breakfast, you can throw the ingredients to freeze in air sealed bags and put them in a freezer. Also, fruits like such as berries, apples and bananas are easy to cut and freeze. They will be ready in the minute once you get them out to make your smoothie on D-Day!


Once breakfast is ready, you can start cooking your protein, which takes a little longer than some vegetables. Once the proteins are on the way, you can begin to prepare your accompaniments such as mushrooms, broccoli and other types of vegetables if this is what your nutrition plan requires! Prepare your seasonings and sauces to add them to your dishes at any time.


When your food is cooked and chopped, distribute all your macronutrients, one by one in all the Tupperware, and then go on, saving time.


Also, the last step of this balanced meal preparation section for a week is to take into consideration all the supplements you can use. Keep vitamins and pills daily, organized and stored safely.


Tip : An excellent way to keep your balanced diet and avoid cravings is to buy a variety of sources of macronutrients. I use meat as a large part of my protein intake, so I try to vary with diverse types of meats like chicken, Tuna, Beef or Turkey!


Another way to spice things up and make your meal preparation balanced for a more fun week is to design some dishes in a particular cooking style. You can plan your meals by incorporating things you like: if burritos are your favorites, look for burrito recipes and cook them! This is to make your meal preparation balanced for a nice week for you!


After preparation



At this point, the hardest was made! Planning your meals is good, but it’s not a bad idea to label containers and sandwich bags with a few post-it or stickers to know what to eat each day.


There is nothing worse than opening a refrigerator when you wake up and looking for a particular box among dozens of other Tupperware.

If you know you will want to take several boxes with you when you leave your home, having your dishes labeled from “breakfast” to “dinner” is not so bad after all.


The very last thing you should be sure to do before you have officially finished planning your meals is to check that you have all of your meals balanced for a week, snacks and supplements in the refrigerator or freezer And that one remains faithful to his food plan for all his meals.



Message to remember



It takes a few meal preparation sessions to get used to the concept and establish your “functioning”. It can be challenging to cook large amounts of food at once, but practice will make it easier.


Once you get accustomed to your way of doing things while preparing the meal. You will, in fact, realize how much money, time, and maybe stress, that ultimately compensates.


Meal preparation allows you to stay more consistent with your meal times.

And knowing that your refrigerator is full of Tupperware means that you will be less likely to crack randomly on junk food.


Preparing balanced meals for a week can be very beneficial and useful, but it takes a bit of habit.