The importance of Zinc in Muscle Growth



Among the essential minerals to be monitored is zinc, which plays an important role at different levels:


Improved mood:


Several studies have shown that an adequate level of zinc in the body favors the management of depressed feelings. Indeed, in 2010 a study was carried out on two groups of women, one of the groups was supplemented at the rate of 7mg per day while the other not. Psychological tests showed that the female group supplemented with zinc obtained much better results. Zinc can, therefore, be responsible for the reduction of depressive moods.


Improves testosterone production and reproductive unit functioning:

 It is often referred to as a “sexual mineral,” and for a good reason. This mineral when administered in good quantities increases the testosterone level and promotes sperm production in humans. And also promotes the mobility of sperm, which is a crucial function of reproduction.


Promotes insulin sensitivity:


Zinc supports the creation of a link between cells and insulin, which then helps to promote the absorption of glucose by the cells when it is available in the blood. This process, therefore, avoids the intake of fat and decreases the blood glucose level.


Improves strength, muscle gain, and loss of fat:


It allows for a greater release of the hormones responsible for muscle anabolism such as testosterone, growth hormone or IGF-1. These hormones are naturally produced by the human body when it is fed optimally in macronutrients but also in vitamins and minerals such as zinc. In the absence of these hormones, you will be unable to build muscle no matter how you train.


How to control your Zinc intake:

The recommended daily intake is 11mg / day, which means 11mg that your body should absorb and not 11mg that you should ingest. It should be noted that the majority of the dietary supplement is absorbed to about 25%.


However, knowing how much our diet brings us remains complicated. Wondering if you need to supplement you should watch if you consume little foods rich in zinc (oysters, lentils, egg yolks, oatmeal) but also if you are subject to critical phases of fatigue, Stress.

If that is the situation, it might be a wise choice to supplement yourself with Zinc at the rate of 35 to 50mg / day.


Finally, it must be realized that it is not a supplement to be abused. Everything lies in ingesting the right amounts, consuming too much can be as harmful as a zinc deficiency.