Omega-3 to lose fat and build more muscle

Omega-3 to lose fat and build more muscle

Omega 3 Promote healthy joints:

The biggest hurdle facing the players bodybuilding athletes are joint stiffness or inflammation, prevent injuries and maintain public health for the best performance in the exercise is something he wishes so much, it has been proven that Omega 3 sourced fish oil help reduce the stiffness in the joints, and improve blood flow and promote muscle recovery process.

blood pressure:

High blood pressure is a threat to the life of a bodybuilder, why ?, bodybuilding course training is stressful expensive and consume high levels of red meat, supplemented know that red meat contains a high content of protein so covered always bodybuilder, scientifically proven that fish oil helps to lower blood pressure, lower blood pressure helps players bodybuilding in the living pattern of a healthier life, and reduces the chances of diseases associated with blood pressure, such as heart disease, and we heard a lot lately about the death of more than one player due to acute stress in training than leading to high blood pressure, it should be of interest in the prevention of high blood pressure and interest in the blood vessels healthy.

The importance of omega-3 in the diet:

Recommended by several major health organizations to eat fish at least twice a week, if you are serious about your own training program should not be hard to eat fish twice a week, because it is also contains a high content of protein, already should have Omega 3 on your list.