Prevent Muscle Exhaustion and Fatigue

Prevent Muscle Exhaustion and Fatigue

Body muscles sometimes may suffer from some weakness and fatigue and exhaustion making it difficult to move and there are plenty of techniques that work to prevent muscle breakdown and work to strengthen the muscles, including:






1. Exercise and the continuation of the movement, especially exercises that work to strengthen the muscles.


2.improve the quality of your food and maintain a healthy diet and healthy foods that contain proteins to prevent muscle breakdown.


3.Eating an orange daily greatly help to strengthen the muscles.


 4.Stay away from foods that contain fat and cholesterol significantly.


5.Drinking water in huge amounts and plentiful so that men drink 13 cups, 8 cups for women.


6.eating vegetables and fruits between meals and a focus on crushed oats, which in turn stimulates the muscles.


 7.eating two tablespoons of molasses per day because it contains iron. dates, preferably 7 dates three times a day, especially before meals.


 9.egg whites daily intake of protein considered a food item is important and integrated. build muscle tissue eating fish, especially salmon and tuna, they are full of protein and omega-3 nutrients.


11.Eating a handful every day of almonds,which is the best source of alpha-tock Ferrol Vitamin E, which is absorbed by the body and helps to reduce the demolition of muscle tissue


 12.drinking milk and milk “a little fat” because they are protein carbohydrate mixture help to fast-track construction.


 13. prevent muscle breakdown by the most important food item which is olive oil, which is the unsaturated fatty meal.


14. eating pineapple was characterized by its proximity to the enzyme helps to speed up the digestion and extraction of protein foods and called this enzyme Balbroo two miles and have an important role in the treatment of inflammation and muscle pain caused by exercise and have an important role in stimulating the metabolism and burn fat.