Protein: 5 arguments to convince parents

If you tell your parents or others that you want to take protein powder, you will have the right to a lift their shield. So this is normal, because they worry about you, for your health, even if they are in error. It starts with a good feeling. It is up to you to decide the right arguments to explain them and convince them that powdered proteins are safe. This article should help you. However, before anything else, you should know that dietary supplements are not essential to your progression. Now, if you still want to use protein powder, here’s what you can tell your parents.

Protein is not natural!

This is probably one of the arguments that will be used to prevent you from using powdered proteins. What you can answer is that protein, there is everywhere in the diet and especially in meat, eggs, fish and so on. These are nutrients like carbohydrates and lipids. They are even indispensable to our organism.

Powdered proteins are the equivalent of powdered sugar. These are concentrates extracted from natural foods. In fact, they are even more natural than many ingredients in supermarket products. To produce it, whey from the cheese is used, and it is filtered for degreasing and removing the sugars. Then, what remains is dehydrated and then reduced to powder. In brief, powdered proteins are very similar to powdered milk, except that they have been filtered and delactosed.

Powdered proteins contain dopants!

Some will even assert that the proteins are downright doping products. This is of course completely false. For, in this case, to eat a steak would amount to doping. In addition, powdered proteins are not on any list of prohibited products. Consuming it is therefore absolutely not doping.

This amalgamation probably stems from the fact that several decades ago, analyzes showed that certain powdered proteins, mostly American, contained traces of steroids. However, you can reassure your parents, the controls on these products are now mandatory and frequent. You can rely as much on these products as on foods that come from the food industry.

These are dangerous products for health!

As stated in the introduction, your parents worry about you; they think powdered proteins are going to hurt you. Their anxiety starts from a good feeling.
However, as mentioned above, powdered proteins are ultimately only filtered milk powder. This is no more dangerous than consuming milk powder. There is no study to prove that their consumption is risky.

Your parents may tell you that proteins are dangerous for your kidneys. Again, there is nothing to prove it. No scientific studies have demonstrated kidney damage with normal protein intake. Obviously, if you already have kidney problems, it is better not to abuse protein powder and consult your doctor before taking any.

Proteins give enormous muscles!

This kind of argument comes directly from TV or magazines, in which very muscular men are shown consuming whey. However, do not confuse doping and dietary supplements. The models that illustrate these ads are professional bodybuilders that use steroids. This has nothing to do with protein powder.

Consuming proteins will not turn you into Hulk. You must explain it to your parents. Proteins are only building materials you find in milk, eggs, meat, and so on. They are used to build muscle, gradually, if you sufficiently solicit your body. Proteins are not a miracle product. So there is no danger. By consuming this kind of complement, you will not become hyper muscle at once; it will take time for your body to muscle naturally.

Normal food is enough!

This is not false. Still, your parents should let you consume enough protein through solid foods. If this is the case, then powdered proteins are not essential. However, they do have some advantages that you can expose to your parents to convince them.

First of all, these are very practical products that you can take anywhere and that keep very well as they are dehydrated. Nothing more perilous than eating chicken drumsticks or white cheese in the middle of the course or between courses! (Those who have made it will understand;). It is much more practical and safe – to add a little water to a protein powder, and to supplement with fruit, cereals and some oilseeds. What to make a healthy and balanced snack even outside.

Also, if you choose your supplements well, protein powder is not more expensive than normal foods. On the contrary, they may be cheaper. Do the math! Finally, this kind of supplements is very well assimilated by the body and can even help the body to strengthen the immune system.

To conclude

In short, this is not about encouraging you to consume protein supplements. You must first evaluate how much your diet brings you protein; You will know if supplementation is necessary or not. Alternatively, the goal may be to replace snacks by powders for practical reasons … The purpose of this article is to give you arguments to convince your parents and help them understand and accept your approach.