Ruptured Muscle First To Do List Guidelines

What Is Ruptured Muscle ? How Does it Happen ?

Is a problem affecting muscle tissue and cause them damage in a particular muscle or place in all muscle parts. Ruptured muscle which are common among athletes problem. athletes use their muscles more than average person’s; where the sports injuries occurs like Ruptured muscle due to collisions between players in some games like Football and hockey, or by carrying extra weight and put it on a certain muscle in the body weightlifting as a sport, and that can happen to tear the muscle of non-athletes  as a result of the sudden tension on the muscles or as a result of exposure to a large external force.

Ruptured Muscle



Ruptured Muscle Symptoms :

you will feel the injury of ruptured muscle wound at the same moment. through feeling of severe pain, especially in the case of severe and profound injury; where many of the symptoms appear, namely:
1 fever, high temperature at the site of injury. Injured muscle swelling.
2 inability to exert muscular effort in places of injury and feeling severe pain.
3 Internal bleeding, whether severe Internal bleeding(in large muscles) or slightly (in small muscles).Also causing blue coloring in the place of injury.


Causes of Ruptured Muscle :

The number of men and women that get injured during exercising increase daily. because of the lack of knowledge for proper warm up exercises and stretching. Sometimes its just ignoring that the muscle’s have limits.
here is what causes muscle’s to rupture:
1. exercise without training the muscle to carry the effort; before getting too deep in exercise you must be aware of your limits.
2. sudden muscular effort without warming up, or walk-in-training.
3-old injury and resume exercise without healing the muscle completely.
4. lift heavy burden or heavyweights in the gym and focus on some muscles by people unused to it, and those with weak muscles and clenched.

Handle and Treat Ruptured Muscle :

It’s really important to stop moving when the injury occurs. immediately request the assistance of another person to help you move from your position. As the movement after muscular rupture leads to increase the degree and gravity of the rupture.

  1. Apply Ice as soon as possible, using a piece of clothing to avoid direct exposure to skin.Ruptured Muscle ice bag

  2. Wrap the Injured Muscle, and apply some pressure to reduce swelling . Ruptured Muscle wrap

  3. Go to the Hospital 😀