• Do not you like to reduce pain while hiking  ?
  • Improve your ability to recover and avoid injuries that can become debilitating in the long term?

We always say that shoemakers are the worst shod. Although I know relevant than stretching are important and that I practice almost always when I hike alone, it will only have a few oversights during my tour of Mont Blanc and a denial of pain and its consequences to block me more a month at home by stopping all physical activity: swimming, climbing, weekly markets. Consequently, I have regretfully push my ascension project Elbrus meet with a colleague in the mountains of Montenegro. Why ? Because I have neglected my body by not practicing stretching.

Do not neglect the usefulness of stretching thinking it’s only for the elderly, or physically weak people.






Animals stretch, insects, stretch, stretch the babies, sports stretch … and you should do the same. Stretching is a natural process of muscle awakening. It is the equivalent, for our coffee muscles, morning and yawning. They are useful in preparing our body to stress.
Would you be successful if you go by meeting directly out of bed? No. We are not machines that instantly walk by pressing On / Off. Care must be taken not to rush the natural cycle at risk of more or less serious medium-term injuries. You find ridiculous stretch? Ask yourself the question differently, is it rather ridiculous not to take advantage of a natural way of preparation for the effort? Do not deadlocked because of a false impression of what might take you on your hike.




Risk prevention phase is less costly energy and time that the healing phase. It is so easy to be convinced of the uselessness of stretching, they represent parte time until it goes and we regret not having them to practice. On the menu of our carelessness is muscle tears, sprains, tendinitis … nothing to celebrate well.

At any age and regardless of our physical fitness, a good warm up followed by some related sessions during exercise and stretching after exercise help prevent injuries. These can occur when cold, during the first moments of stress, when the body wakes up in pain, or during intense and prolonged efforts, microtrauma force which, if not treated, can continue to deteriorate tendons and ligaments even at rest (which was my case) because the voltage is not properly released.

Warm up properly via stretching is an essential phase of preparation for the effort and risk prevention. It enables optimal muscular awakening and a mental awakening where we can project compared to the effort required. A flexible body, elastic and a trained mind is the best way to prevent errors inattention due to poor preparation .




Some lesions that occur suddenly are only the consequences of micro trauma that has been neglected. Caries does not appear overnight. Yet, we begin to worry about his buco-dental health when pain is present is that treatment is necessary, sometimes leading to devitalization of our teeth. We act like our body. My body is aging. And I would keep it in shape and share my love of the mountains with children and grandchildren as grandfather happy 75 years crossed during the tour of Mont Blanc and that had nothing to envy my stride. We must reduce the impact of our activities on our muscles and joints.

Stretching in the warm-up and recovery must be our daily tooth brushing. We must not wait for the first pain or injury first to apply good practices. It must incorporate stretching its sports practices, as it concerns hiking or other outdoor activities in order to prevent micro-traumas accumulate and spoiling too quickly that our bodies. Because the weather deteriorates our body, we can at best slow this process.

Whatever we do, our body loses elasticity with age, vigor and strength. Stretching simply must be part of our sports hygiene . The few minutes lost during stretching are nothing compared to the months of rest put in view of chronic pain, which ultimately may cripple for life quality of your sport .




Our body is a complex machine that clogs and which must be draining. Stretching adapted during exercise and after exercise (after a rest) are used to remove toxins and waste resulting from the effort, such as lactic acid.

In fact, stay hydrated during exercise and enjoy a few moments of pause to relax his muscles is a great way to release tension and put the notion of pleasure as the goal of hiking.




But beware, do not you just stretch especially after exercise. Miss up to a few hours after an intense effort. This will allow the muscle fibers to replace correctly. Similarly, in case of excessive pains, do not request the muscles in question, the micro-tears could worsen. Then prefer a tune cold.

From my side, I’m adapting a session of stretching before just precisely a cold shower which is excellent to soothe muscles and possible inflammation (encouraging the circulation). During my cold shower, I take this opportunity to perform with a flat stone massages.

Anyway, stretching, a good cold shower, a possible massage allow the body to fight efficiently against aches, cramps and physical pain related to your business. The body can enter a resting phase and optimized recovery . This is great for your general state of relaxation , both mental and physical standpoint. Sleep will be even better .



Neglecting stretches through lack of time and desire. Still, a good phase of heating and stretching promotes good oxygenation of the muscles and allows more joint and muscle amplitude . It avoids the phenomenon of muscle stiffness.

Since the risk of injury is thus reduced, the pain subsided and the recovery phase is more efficient, it has ugmente our resistance to a sustained and long-term.
Contributing ultimately to better performance. No need to be a professional athlete wishing to continue trading while staying fit and healthy.


As you see, there are many beneficial reasons to practice stretching. 

  • preparation for the effort
  • prevention of pain
  • preparation for recovery

Being now aware of the usefulness of stretching and not wanting to end up like me, with hiking or climbing projects fell into the water, we will see in a future article good hiking stretching practices.

And remember that a good hike with a bag over lége r is less pressure to your joints Less weight to carry, it is less likely to wear. Such as stretching, it helps reduce the risk of injury.