Sweating more to lose more weight?

Sweating more to lose more weight?

Does training when it’s hot or in a sweaty environment help you burn more calories and therefore lose weight faster? That is a good puzzle, and I know that many of you have already done so.

You did a workout that made you sweat a lot and, after that, you hoped to have lost more weight. You got on the scale, and you noticed that you had lost a few extra pounds. This has put you in joy. But not so fast!

We will see what happens when you sweat a lot during a workout and you will find that losing weight on your balance is very likely to be the result of fluid loss, due to sweating. So as soon as you drink water, and you should immediately, your weight will go back to what it was before your workout.

If it were as easy to lose as much fat as quickly, that would know.

What happens when you sweat?

The temperature of our body is regulated through sweat. So when we sweat, we cool our skin, and so we cool the whole temperature of our body. It is good to know that sweating is not the best way to measure whether your session was intense and how many calories you have burned. You could sweat liters without burning any calories.

The “shocking” information is that you burn more calories while you are training in the cold than in the hot. Your muscles contract more to raise the temperature¬†of your body when it’s cold outside, even if you can not necessarily feel these small contractions. While¬†contracting your muscles need more energy, which means they burn more calories.



Whenever you burn calories, heat is produced, and this is what helps your body maintain its stable temperature.

On the other hand, you do not necessarily burn calories when you sweat. Sweating does not tell you how intense your session is. Your heart rate and fatigue are much better indicators of this intensity and a number of calories you burn.

Sweating is not an indicator of intensity!

Remember that the question is not how much sweat you produce but how intensely you train. And you should not always spend as many calories as you can during each workout.

You should rather practice very intense sessions and less intense sessions because you should not be thorough all the time. Otherwise, you may become exhausted and overtrain. So make sure you mix up the intense sessions and the quieter ones.

Also, vary your workouts: cardio, strength, flexibility. This way you will multiply your chances of losing weight durably. I hope this will help you clarify things about sweating and weight loss. Stay fit!