Testosterone Boosters Do They Really Work ?

For some practitioners, all means are good to increase their testosterone levels, even try any Testosterone boosters. You should know that testosterone is primarily responsible for muscle gain, I guess. This is the hormone which everyone speaks, and that makes almost everything.
Increase testosterone in the body may, therefore, seem a logical idea when you are a practitioner training. Now this is how some fans find themselves using dangerous and illegal products. I do not recommend it.
Others choose to cast their sights on products as supplements. Therefore legal products, and low-risk. You have necessarily crossed at least one, and it is the ZMA, Tribulus, D-aspartic acid. However, these supplements are they really helpful? A question many people are asking and to which I will try to answer.

The purpose of testosterone boosters

For who do not know, testosterone is a hormone that occurs in men, but in women, although in smaller quantities. This is a sex hormone that regulates certain physical characteristics, including muscle mass and libido.
Testosterone boosters are used to increase the amount of this hormone in the body and cause muscle gain, but also fat loss.

It is therefore quite understandable to see many practitioners try to have more testosterone, do not you think? Understandable, yes. However, useful, not necessarily. Let’s make first a small list of supplements available and their effectiveness.

Some Popular Products:

  • ZMA
    It is a supplement that is very popular now. It presents a mixture of zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6. The formula is designed to be highly absorbed by the body. The product is simple: such as zinc and magnesium are involved in the production of testosterone supplementation of these minerals should increase the amount of this hormone in the blood.

This idea is wrong. This product will fill that mineral deficiency if deficiency there. So if you suffer from a drop in testosterone linked to zinc deficiency or magnesium ZMA may be able to help you restore the levels of this hormone to normal levels. For others, the ZMA will have no interest to boost testosterone. This product will not exceed the natural levels of your body.

  • Tribulus Terrestris
    Tribulus is a plant that has been in the spotlight in 1988 when Bulgarian athletes claimed to have used to boost their performance. However, it turned out that Tribulus certainly was not responsible but the steroids that athletes were using. Tribulus has maintained high popularity despite many studies showing that it is not effective to increase testosterone levels in healthy people. The supplement may probably slightly help those whose rates are really low, but this concerns only a few people, and it will surely settle not the problem.
  • The D-aspartic acid
    This non-essential amino acid, that is to say, that can be manufactured by the body, is involved in the production of testosterone. Vendors have taken this idea and highlighted studies showing that D-aspartic acid could have a moderate effect on the elevation of testosterone levels in the body. However, looking more closely, one realizes that one of the studies is made on the animals, and the other seems to involve only men who, at a base, an abnormally low testosterone levels. Another study, more recent, seems to show that on men without testosterone problem, D-aspartic acid has no effect.
    Again, it is, therefore, a supplement that could help those whose testosterone levels are not high enough. For others, there is no interest to procure.

My opinion of the testosterone boosters:

There are other supplements, some with unpronounceable names, but you know what? None really works if you already have a proper testosterone level! Even in the opposite case, the effect is so small that it will not really affect your muscle mass.

I almost want to say that it is good. Why ? Because the products that increase enough testosterone to produce effects are dangerous. They put consumer health at risk. Wanting to push his body to produce more hormones that can do it naturally is not a good idea.

The purchase of testosterone boosters is of little use. A proper diet will be well enough to keep hormonal levels. Supplementation of vitamins and minerals may also be helpful to avoid deficiencies that could lead to a decrease in testosterone production.