Testosterone hormone Treatment For Men

Testosterone hormone is the male sex hormone,  it is responsible for sexual desire in men,

and is responsible for muscle and hair growth in men and has an important role in maintaining bone density, they have.

Dr Khalid Meselhy professor and chair of drugs and medicinal plants Department, Faculty of Pharmacy,

Misr International University, it is the beginning of the age of thirty the hormone level starts Testosterone hormone gradually

decreases with age, explaining that some medicines may reduce hormone levels, such as drugs “statins” which is prescribed to reduce fat

and cholesterol and that certain foods such as soybeans and other foods increase the femininity hormone estrogen ratio

and decreases with testosterone ratio and when this hormone at least noticeable glitch with shows in the sexual ability and fertility

in men and may cause infertility and show them social problems between couples.

Deficiency symptoms Testosterone hormone

 begins as a lack of sexual desire in men, erectile dysfunction and is accompanied by some of the symptoms

of depression and lack of concentration When a the man sense these symptoms and before eating anything that might

harm him from the promoters of the illusion on the satellite channels or on social networking it first Do some blood tests

to measure hormone ratio Testosterone.


Obesity is the worst enemy for testosterone

Men who are obese have a greater number of fat cells, increasing ratio of testosterone to estrogen unstable, resulting in low levels of testosterone.

Men who are obese Avoid sugars and reduce the proportion of fructose, a fruit sugar to no more than 25 grams

a day because the sugars increase insulin ratio in an expeditious manner, which may be accompanied by insulin resistance

and is accompanied by an increase in weight.


Exercise to activate body’s hormones

Second, exercise, research has shown that exercise a certain way for a period of a few of no more than 15 minutes to start simple by warming up for 5 minutes, then increase the power of exercise gradually for five minutes and then reduce the power of exercise another five minutes until we get to 15 minutes is sufficient to activate some hormones in the body, such as (leptin, adiponectin, colecystokinin (CKK) and melanocortins) and are all responsible for the strengthening effect of hormones, hormone Testosterone which followed in strengthening the sexual ability in men.


Stay Away from stress because stress

 increases the secretion of the hormone Cortisol this hormone invalidate Testosterone hormone effect, and some studies

have shown that individuals who suffer from chronic nerve pressure may stand with the effect of the hormone completely

Testosterone and suffering from complete impotence and these people they follow-up with some specialists change in lifestyle

stress to confront and how to cope with it and get rid of them some simple ways  relaxation exercises when exposed to the positions of stress .