Weightlifting: The 6 reasons why you should start

Reason # 1: Fight Back Pain

I put this argument in number 1 because the number of people suffering from the back is huge with often no solution to solve the problem. In many cases, building muscle and having good posture could solve this issue.

The first point that you will be working in weightlifting and that will have a major beneficial effect on your back is your posture. Indeed, before thinking about the load on the bar, one must think about the quality of movement, its stance. Moreover, for a person suffering from the back, we can advise him to practice with light loads without trying to increase the weight, but rather to work his technique. So we will take good reflexes useful in daily life that will relieve your back.

The second point, you will strengthen your back. Indeed, the muscles of the back are solicited during a training of weightlifting. Moreover, even if you perform rehearsals with light loads (or even with nothing else).

I still remember my first session where the coach made me work only the positioning of my back (without even having a bar in my hands). At the end of the session, I had the lumps in compote without raising any heavy load. We then quickly realize the work done by our muscles and the benefit that we will get.

Reason # 2: Increase your flexibility

If there is one point that we do not think about when we talk about weightlifting (or even bodybuilding), it is flexibility.

Moreover, yet, it is primordial, it conditions your ability to realize the right movement and to have a flawless technique.

Without the flexibility you will be severely limited, an example to realize a squat (leg flexion) in full amplitude by fixing correctly its back will be able to pose you problems if your ankle is stiff as a stake. Alternatively, even making a correct shoulder will mission impossible if your wrists have no flexibility. Also, the list does not end there, but his 2 points were for me blocking points (and they are always for a bit elsewhere).

Do not be afraid, nothing is frozen, with patience the suppleness comes. During the training, you will work without even realizing it. Moreover, a multitude of exercises exist, they will be to be realized at the beginning of the session, but also during and of course at the end.

You will see, it is really nice to see the progression, we feel immediately more comfortable in the movements.

Reason # 3: Improve your coordination

One of the points that surprise when you start is the need to get coordinated during a movement. I would have filmed in my first session I could have participated in a contest of a laughable man …

The words of the coach at the beginning:

“Set your back,” “Take your pecs,” “Look ahead,” “Put your weight on the front,” “Bend over” … and there you have not even started …

In short, lots of things to do at the same time at specific times. Well, know that with a little training it comes by itself. Moreover, this hard-won co-ordination will be useful to you in general (everyday movement, other sport requiring a minimum of coordination).

Reason # 4: Gaining Strength and Explosiveness

“Be more explosive,” “Explode in P2” “dry with your arms” … it may sound barbaric, but then I think the coach would want me to be a more explosive …

Well, by dint of practicing, we finally get there. As training progresses, you will gain in explosiveness and pure strength.

You will be faster, and movements will seem simpler.

Imagine the effects on your performance in 100 meters, or in rugby in a melee …

Reason # 5: Taken muscle mass and lost fat

One of the greatest ways to burn fat is to gain muscle. Why, because your muscle mass partly conditions your basic metabolism (resting energy consumption). So the more you gain muscle the more you consume energy at rest. It is then easier to unbalance its calorie balance to start a weight loss.

One question is what weight lifting makes muscle take, should not it be better just to do weight training.

Already, we are not going to lie, the border between weightlifting and weightlifting is not very far. However, a difference persists, in halter, one works overall, no insulation. Moreover, above all, we work the biggest muscles in our body (those of the back and leg).

It is now proven that to take muscle efficiently and quickly it is necessary to work for several groups simultaneously by privileging the bigger muscles.

Note: For those who are afraid to take too much muscle and become Hulk. Do not worry, to take the dry mass you have to want it, have a proper diet.

Reason # 6: Gains on your overall performance

This point is little the consequence of the others. However, with the improved flexibility, coordination, strength and explosiveness, you will be able to take a step in your sport.

Some examples of the use of weightlifting as a method of physical preparation:

Athletics – 100 yards
Letting your imagination talk you will find an advantage to insert a bit of halter in your workout plan.

Reason Bonus: Legs and buttocks designed and firm (more for ladies, though … )

If you practice, the halter with the squat will become your best friend. One of the side effects of squat … pretty little buttocks well rebounded